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Hi, I'm Ann Devletian and I love this place. So we're clear right up front; this site is not a job, I'm not getting paid for it – it's very much a labor of love.

My plan is to update the site at least once a month. Life happens so I can't make promises. But I'm making a sincere effort to keep to my goal of a year to finish. As if I really see a 'finish', but one has to shoot for a conclusion of some sort.

So many towns, so little time. I am allotting a page or two to each town. Some pages will be longer than others. Some towns are bigger than others. And a lot depends on the feel I get from the town and how much time I have. Oh yes, and nothing on Route 13. That has plenty of documentation and people can see it for themselves. It will have to be truely unique for me to make an exception. Not perfect criteria, but there it is. What I include on each page is not motivated by much else than this. Opinionated though I am, I am trying to keep myself out of the 'what to include' process to a large degree. It's tough. I will add comments from time to time, I just can't seem to help myself. However, I have just added a 'blog' to keep a running 'verbal' on each new area as it gets added. I promise that I will try to keep my comments here. And remember, these comments are mine alone. If you would take issue with anything said here, take it with me.

Note: (because I was asked) I have no personal interest in what churches I put up. I don't care if they are brick or board, black or white or what denomination. Architectually 'neat' is a plus. Older is more likely to find a place here. I will try to include one or two per town because they are part of what ties a town and makes a community. And so, incidently, are post offices. That's why you will see one on most town pages. So when you are tempted to say, "What is this thing she has for post offices. I'm sick of seeing them", remember - they're different here. Here they serve as gathering places for the people. Little spots in the day when you can take a minute and interact with your neighbors before diving back into the daily grind. And the smaller ones exist each day with an axe over their heads. They don't make enough money for the government (so they say). We always try to use the smaller post offices here. Every little bit helps.

In the section, Byways, you will find, not just the towns, but also the areas with no towns. I will add photos here more often. I will put them at the front so you won't have to wade through older ones if you don't want to. Here you will find the places outside of town limits; the lanes, the fields, the marshes, the old buildings, flowers, trees and such. In this section I will put the photos that are the real reason behind this site; the sure knowledge that one day I will look and they will be gone. Bulldozed for money and subdivided for a cash crop.

I'm not a photographer and my pictures are not perfect. And a lot of the time they are taken at dusk when my regular day is ending. For some reason lately, they seem to get taken in the rain. Think of these things when you're saying, “Darn, that's a terrible picture”. You have a better one, bring it on! This is not my grab at going down in history as another Ansel Adams. I just want to document the Shore. Occasionally I will take the liberty of editing a small picture to remove a pole or the like - for clarity. The larger, clickable image will still have it because clarity will not be an issue there. I may also, from time to time super impose images, but it will be obvious.

I will make errors, count on it. If you spot 'em, let me know. I'm as close as our update form.

That about says it all. I'm tired talkin' now, as Shore people say. If you have any suggestions for content or pictures to lend, email or call us. Other than that - just enjoy the site.


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