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The Land Remembers!
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The Eastern Shore of Virginia
, the southern tip of the Delmarva Peninsula, stretches for 75 miles between the waters of the Chesapeake Bay on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. On a tiny finger of land between two imposing bodies of water, we stayed to ourselves for a long time, content to go about our serene daily lives out of the eyes of the world.

an Eastern Shore staple, a local version of the corndog

The Eastern Shore of Virginia's towns have long been a stronghold of independent, hardworking, honest and strong willed people. Family and community oriented people with very definite ideas of what really is important in their lives, indeed in the world.

The towns on Virginia's Eastern Shore are quietly losing ground, quite literally, to the influx of strangers from the cities who come seeking that unique 'something' that we have here. Of course, they often do not find it, not realizing that everything is a trade-off, that all things do not easily coexist in one place. Many people have come here and made this a better place. But, as always, choices must be made.

As this way of life, the peace and quiet, the ways of the waters and the fields, passes into history, into stories we tell our children, we feel that some pictorial record of the towns and byways should be made. This record will not tell the whole story. Too much has already been lost. We mourn its loss. But perhaps some of the old flavor can be preserved, something our children and grandchildren will be able to see, if not touch.

Please know this is not intended as a condemation of the people who come here seeking, 'whatever'. It was inevitable. At various points in the history of the Shore, we all 'came here'. Those who respect the ways, value our people and walk gently on our land are even welcome.

Sunset in Franklin City

Much of the Eastern Shore of Virginia still lives its life by the tides and the seasons. We hope to chronicle here some of the places and scenes of our rural landscape. We also hope to have pictures of some of the small, peaceful towns and their people.

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ATTN: We now have a wildlife rehabber on the Shore. Contact info and photos HERE.

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Check out Gale Walczyk's site, for a wealth of information on the Eastern Shore.
This woman has put together an enormous body of wonderful work. There is Shore geneology here and pictures, some of places that are long gone.
And her site is still growing.

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